Artist Statement

“An actress in the theatre, that’s what I’ve wanted to be my whole life. It isn’t just a career, it’s a feeling. The theatre is something that’s gone on for hundreds and hundreds of years. It’s—I don’t know—It’s part of civilization.” -Terry, Stage Door, Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman

My heart has never given my brain the option to do anything else. I am deeply committed to continuing the millennia-old human tradition of storytelling. As theater artists, we find our niche and hone our craft. I am particularly drawn to Shakespeare and classical theater because through these lasting works I find a connection to humanity that withstands time and crosses boundaries. A continued investigation of the characters and circumstances in these works gives me a vehicle with which to hold the mirror up to nature, as it were. Through Shakespeare (and Chekhov and Williams and Odets and Ibsen and Strindberg and many others), I have the creative opportunity to rediscover and redefine, through my own unique lens, the common experience of the human condition. Live theater offers a visceral connection and communion between audience and actor. That experience lives and breathes only for a moment in time, yet can leave a life-long impression. It is necessary in our fast-paced, digital, modern world to continue this ancient tradition of human connection. I am proud to be an actress in the theater.